Case Study 1: Diageo Bundaberg Mutiny 700ml Bottle

Client: Diageo

Agency: Leo Burnett

Pre-Press: Gravitas Media

Print: Le Mac.



Leo Burnett concept designers looked to Gravitas Media for technical support to achieve new to world execution for this sleeved bottle, wanting to push the limits of sleeve printing.

Required brief to Gravitas – develop a textural feel of wood, and a desire to have a ‘non plastic’ feel. Leo’s were recommended to engage Gravitas Media in the concept testing phase, and spent a day on site at Gravitas where various colour variants and differing texture grain patterns. Using varied fine high build screen varnishes to achieve a feel that would suit the desired brief.

Using Gravitas’ technical ability to proof accurate these effects and colours on correct substrate, through our Digi Plus Proofing systems, several options were discussed and output for review.

These proofed concept options were narrowed down to 3 and then presented to Diageo for final decision and approval, as fully formed mocked up bottles.

Once final option was chosen by Diageo,

Leo’s handed over the final design file, Gravitas Media consulted with Sleeve Printer Le Mac throughout the project on how the effect was achieved and the best method for Le Mac to achieve the same result.

Gravitas Media then applied the prepress specifications required, developed the final Colour and textured Contract proof for on press reference and the HD Kodak NX Flexo Plates for best possible press results.

Gravitas Media was proud to be heavily involved technically with both the innovative testing and printing of Bundaberg Mutiny 700ml Bottle Sleeve, which resulted in the product winning the coveted ‘Best of Show Award’ at the 2015 Australian Packaging Design Awards.


Diageo Bundaberg Mutiny 700ml Bottle – wins Best of Show award at the 2015 Australian Packaging Design Awards.