Great things happen when the design team and the pre-press team work together from the beginning.

To many times we have seen the creative and pre-press elements meet at the table at the wrong part of the process. At Gravitas Media, we focus on having not only a creative conversation at the start, we also make sure that technically we can deliver that creative to the correct print parameters.

Construction Project Management

As part of this comprehensive service, we can manage the entire construction process on your behalf. We take an open book approach, and deliver flexible and transparent outcomes, every step of the way.  This service provides you with full exposure to the design and construction process. It also removes risk by minimising any inflated overruns in costs and program through shared responsibilities. 

Design Management and Client-side Project Management

We can work closely with a broad range of clients in developing ideas and collaborating with design teams to procure outcomes that best enable feasible and successful projects. Engaging in this process of design management in the very early phases of project enables our clients to save time and money. However, it also significantly lowers the variable risks before entering into the construction phase. Our clients in this area range from small and quite focused operations, through to large tier-one organisations.

Design Exploration and Cost Planning

During the process of integrating different design solutions, we incorporate simple and honest architectural principles and then follow through with a comprehensive design phase. Our designs embrace energy- and cost- efficient systems, along with earth-friendly building materials, to suit and enhance your personal brief and maximise your budget outcomes. Our strongest focus is the merger of clever and efficient design with a realistic budget.

Construction Delivery

As an experienced industry specialist, we can provide design and construction packages which encompass an entire project – from initial concept through to final completion. With over 40 years’ combined construction experience, our experts have the know-how and the experience to take care of the design and construction on your behalf.  This service also includes all back-of-house processing.

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